BNR194  |  2022

Created in response to the NDSM
Open Call 2022
Note: the NDSM Foundation decided not to carry out this work of art out of fear of being cancelled by the woke movement, out of fear of negative publicity
The depicted ship with construction number 194 (BNR194) is the Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, built in 1929 at the NDSM shipyard. At the time the largest ship ever built in the Netherlands. In this work, it represents all the ships ever built at NDSM.
Johan van Oldenbarnevelt was a statesman in Dutch history who made connection his life’s work. He forged a divided country into a whole, the Republic of the Seven United Provinces. He was also one of the founders of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). For some, this fact puts him in a bad light today.