2014 – TODAY

in progress
In the PROCESSED Project Boterenbrood explores the characteristics of reproduction as defined by the traditional four-colour offset printing process. The project originated out of disappointment with reproductions of icons of the visual arts. Despite all efforts to make identical copies, they always lack the energy, the liveliness of the original work. Somewhere in the process of reproduction, excitingly vibrant colours lose their power. Therefore Boterenbrood focused on the reanimation of the colours. He has developed an alternative method of reproduction based on the subtractive CMYK colour model, celebrating colour uniqueness.
The series offer an enlightening insight into the CMYK colour construction and result in the creation of the new color reproduction system BCRS (Boterenbrood Colour Reproduction System).
50 Inorganic Pigments  |  2014 – 2016
Acrylic on wooden panel
50 paintings, each 50 x 50 cm
Hommage à Le Corbusier  |  2015 – 2016
Giclee-prints on watercolor paper
23 paintings, each 40 x 50 cm
4900 Colours  |  2014
Diasec mounted C-prints
196 plates, each 50 x 50 cm
Meltdown  |  2014
Acrylic on paper,
4 x (109 x 79 cm)
Pantone 100C – 814C  |  2014
Diasec mounted C-prints
11 plates, each 100 x 100 cm
Pantone Universe Art
Collection  |  2014
Diasec mounted C-prints
12 plates, each 30 cm diameter