Voetballogo.nl  |  2002 – 2003                                                                                                   Voetballogo.nl has sprung from Boterenbrood’s weekly Sunday evening annoyance. At seven o’clock he looks at this sports program, a plate with food on his lap and a beer on the side. And again every Sunday he has to look at club emblems seemingly stemming from the early days of football. Bored chairmen probably thought them up on rainy Sunday afternoons when all matches were cancelled. This may be charming or cute, but times have changed. Soccer has become professional business, but for some reason club emblems remain the same amateuristic clumsy drawings from ages ago. So he set out for a restyling job and before he knew, he’d given the whole bunch a new look. An act of love this was, love for the game and for the emblems that should do it justice.                                                                                                                                 Note: you may visit the site right here. >>> It’s not just an image. It’s the actual website.