100 and Thirtyfour Parking Lots or Lots of Parking Spaces for Mr. Parr  | 2010

With this artist’s book Allard Boterenbrood pays tribute to the acknowledged artists Ed Rusha and Martin Parr. The first issued his much acclaimed book ‘Thirtyfour Parking Lots’ in 1967. The latter issued his ‘Parking Spaces’ in 2007 with photographs of the last parking spaces on earth in 41 countries. Inspired by these two artists, Boterenbrood took a virtual trip around the world to investigate Martin Parr’s premise. He came to an altogether new conclusion. In this contemporary homage to art and photography he shows his findings.

Author  Allard Boterenbrood

Publisher  Boot&Panters

Size  21,5 x 20 cm

Number of pages  156

Format  Paperback, full colour

Limited edition of 134,
hand-numbered and signed

If you would like more information about or order the book, please send an email to mail@allardboterenbrood.com